6hours burning beeswax tealight candle

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Item: Beeswax tealight candle
Size: 14gram
Burning time: 4 hours
Material: 100% beeswax
Packing: 8pcs/box. Accept Customized

  • Item: Beeswax tealight candle
  • Size: 3.8*1.5cm
  • Weight: 14g
  • Material: 100% beeswax
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    Item: Beeswax tealight candle

    Size: 14gram Burning

    time: >4 hours

    Material: 100% beeswax

    Packing: 8pcs/box. Customized

    100% natural beeswax, handmade in China
    Beautiful decoration: Our high-quality pure beeswax tea lights add some style to your home, provide a touch of charm to any room in the house, and create a truly relaxing atmosphere for you.
    Size: 1.5 inches (38 mm) in diameter and 0.7 inches (18 mm) in height. Very suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, these center lights can burn for 4 hours, enough to satisfy most dinners, weddings, parties or special occasions to enhance decoration.
    Wide range of uses: The design of tea wax makes it very useful in various occasions: very suitable for terraces, gardens, backyards, indoor settings, parties, barbecues, weddings, etc.!
    Very suitable for emergency situations: when the power is exhausted, our candles save the situation! Just light one of our tea sets to light up, and you will have excellent lights, and the darkness can be cleared in a few hours.

    12 pcs beeswax tea light will come in the box. with Honey scent
    Beeswax is extracted from beehives, It is natural and harmless
    They burned a long time (4+ hours); Size: 1.5 inch in Diameter, Fit to all standard tealight candle holders
    These beeswax tealight candles make perfect additions to many of the small places around your home: bathrooms and kitchen to name a few.

    Our factory can supply many types candles, like taper candle, scented jar candle, beeswax candles,birthday candle, pillar candle,tealight candle,soy wax candle art shape candle and so on. Hope you will love our candles.

    The beeswas candles help to eliminate the cigarette smoke in the air,These candles are a god send. They do not emit any smoke and they actually help to eliminate the 2nd hand cigarette smoke in the air so that my asthma attacks are lessened. They have a slight smell almost like honey but so light barely notice it. Doesn’t bother allergies at all. love it. Will get more. It’s clean and natural.

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