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  • Wax Melts Market 2023

    The industry is experiencing growth worldwide due to the increasing demand for home decor. Consumers are seeking ways to enhance the ambiance of their living spaces and make their homes more inviting. Wax melts offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for adding fragrance and creating a ple...
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  • Candle maintenance

    Candle storage: Candles should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. Excessive temperature or direct sunlight can cause the surface of the candle to melt, thereby affecting the degree of fragrance dissipation. Candles light you: Before lighting a candle, trim the wick of the candle by 5mm to ...
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  • Regarding the Scented/Fragrance Candles

    Recently, a new way of life – using scented candles to create a pleasant and relaxed mood at home is gradually becoming popular. Scented candles are candles that emit scents and essential oils. Not only can they be used as a lighting tool, but they can also be used to relieve stress, reliev...
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  • Christmas Bear Mold Candles Ins popular Korea

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  • Notification

    Dear customers,   It have been a few very tough years for us globally due to all of the situations caused by COVID-19. During these times, the shipping company has to postponed the oringinal shipping schedules times by times, therefore some of our customers might not able to recieve their go...
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  • Storage methods and usages of scented candle

    Hebei Seawell international trading company on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and process, has set many years of production experience and wisdom of the accuracy, stability and reliability of the product in the domestic priority. We have plenty of technical resear...
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  • Best White Bright Candles Factory in China

    As one of The Biggest White candles/Stick candles factory, We are the leader in this candle industry. We started to do stick candles business since 1993,and establish our first candles factory by 2003, Normally our output is 80x20ft container every month, Mostly reach to 120 containers per month ...
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  • Red Pray Candles

    Red Pray Candles

    Before lighting your red candle to pray, it’s helpful to choose a place and time in which you can pray without becoming distracted. You can focus your prayers to God, Uriel, and other red light ray angels on seeking the wisdom you need for service. Pray to be able to discover, develop, and ...
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  • Pray Candles

    Pray Candles

    As we now bring fire to this candle wick,making it glow with light,may we also bring the fire of love,to this time of prayer and worship.may this holy candle send forth dancing rays,like sunrise on the most glorious morning,and may these rays of light,encircle us and those we love. We give you th...
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    I am a little apple candle , coming  from  Hebei Seawell I/E Co.,Ltd. Snow, wearing a red Santa Claus gift with a dream and joy of creep. Red and white tonal, the lamp of the sparkling Christmas, let a person feel the unique romantic and sweet, is a symbol of peace and happiness; Set off red appl...
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  • Santa Claus Tree Candles

    Santa Claus Tree Candles

    In the west, whether Christian, Christmas to prepare a Christmas tree, in order to increase the joy of the festival atmosphere. The Christmas tree in general is made, the Chinese fir cypress evergreen tree such as the symbol of life forever. A tree decorated with all kinds of lamps, decorated, re...
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  • Santa Claus Candles

    Santa Claus Candles

    Santa Claus is a dedicated to good children on Christmas Eve presents mysterious figures. Legend every night on December 24, a mysterious man would ride by 12 the sleigh pulled by reindeer, door to door from the chimney into the house, and then secretly put the present on their children bed of th...
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