New design lace emboss scented natural soy wax decorative aroma jar candle

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Item:emboss scented candle
Size:7.5 x 9.0cm
Wax:Soy wax
Color:White and colored
Label:Customized label sticker
Wick:Cotton wick

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Item:emboss scented candle
Size:7.5 x 9.0cm, 200g wax weight, 410g weight
Wax:Soy wax
Color:White and colored
Label:Customized label sticker
Wick:Cotton wick

Burning:Approx 40 hohurs


This product uses high quality soy wax aim to achieve smokeless and maintain longer burning time.

The candle jar was designed by bright-coloured glass with lace embossment surrounded that shows unique taste of the users.

The wick of this product is 100% cotton wick therefore prevent the exist of black smoke and vestigital.

All of the essential oils were selected elaborately in order to come up with smoothier and more natual scents.

Clean Burning Candles
We use 100% natural soy wax as the raw material and fragrance oils, it maintains the integrity and maximum volume of our incredible fragrances. Our dedication to innovation knows no bounds. For the last two decades, we’ve devoted ourselves to research, development and iteration of the purest ingredients. This best-selling fall fragrance contains embossed glass vessels that are wrapped in the iconic Japonica inspired print. Enhancing a majority of vessels in the collection, a coordinating decorative lid keeps it dust free when not in use. Stock up for seasonal gifting…there’s always someone special to remember.

The embossed candles in your room, Indoor display living temperature
may your deep love and kindnedd be exchanged for the tenderness of the years. You don’t have to look back. May you work hard all your life and be loved all your life.

fragrance presentation

Sunset Jade:
Front note:Orange flower rose flower deLuce
Middle note:Tuberose Jade pink pepper
Rear note:Benzoin Musk

British Pear and Fressia
Front tone:Melon pear bergamot
Middle tone:Freesia rose
Rear tone:Musk patchouli amber rhubarb
Tone:Fruit flavor sweet Moss tone

Black Cedar Juniper
Front note:Cumin sweet pepper
Mediium tone:Juniper
Rear tone:Cedar
Tone:Spicy wooden tone

The scent can be customized as your requirements and we can copy the scents you want, welcome to visit us, thank you.

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