Birthday Candles

In ancient Greece, people worship the moon goddess Artemis. In her annual birthday celebration,People always want to put in the altar for honey bread and a lot of forming a lit candle sacred atmosphere, in order to show their special admiration for the goddess of the moon. Later, with the passage of time, because the love of children, the ancient greeks when to celebrate their children’s birthday, always love the thing such as cake on the table, and on it, and put a lighted candle, and added a new activity – blow out these lighted candles. They believe that burning the candle has a mysterious power, if at this time for the birthday child make a wish in the heart, and then he blow out all the candles, so the child’s dream to you will be able to achieve it. So blow candle as birthday dinner with auspicious meaning of small programs, gradually develop to no matter in the future¬†in children and adults and even the elderly birthday party or the party has blown the candle this interesting activity.


Post time: May-11-2020