Stick Candles

Once upon a time, there was a master moved into a new home. Bought a lot of lights and candles. Master think lamp is notable, however, then the master the lamp in the living room, put the candle in a small corner.

Light see oneself master so pain, so it to candle: “candle and the candle, you see you, the light so small, don’t like me, so strong so bright.” Candle heard, bowed his head sadly.

In the evening, the host went to sleep. Lamp karstens said to light: “lamp elder brother, you are great, can emit light, don’t like the kid.” The lamp has heard, don’t mention how happy.

A few months, the host home suddenly the power went out, owner is very depressed. In the evening, the family are all black, what also can’t see. So, the host lit a candle. In the evening, Jeff karstens to candle lamp: “candle elder sister, you are so small and exquisite, not like the lights, that is very heavy.” Light heard, don’t mention how angry.

Candle looked at the lights, Jeff karstens said: “you don’t also kua I, lamp, you also don’t be angry. You can play to your strengths when there is electricity, when I was in no electricity can be welcomed by the host, we can master service.”

Listened to the words of the candle lamp, I feel very guilty, he said to the lamp, lamp, I’m sorry.”

The candles to light said: “let’s continue to give priority to people.”

“Good, will listen to you.” Light said happily.


Post time: May-11-2020