smokeless European luxury long-rod wedding banquet candlelight long dinner taper candles 35CM

Short Description:

Item: Long dinner candles
Wax:Paraffin wax
Scent: Unscented
Height: 35cm
Mini diameter: 0.4cm
Max diameter: 2.8cm
Bottom diameter:1.8cm
Burning time: Approx 5 hours

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.Premium quality paraffin wax. Bulk Package of Tall Organic Candles with 35cm long Clean Burn Stable Flame Skinny Long Candles with Soothing Light for Romantic Dinner and Festivities.
2.Dripless Organic Candle Great for Romantic Dinner, Parties and Celebrations.
3.Art Crafted Hand Poured Organic Wax mixing with Beautiful Natural Color of Botanical Candles
4.Premium Candles designed with High Quality Cotton Wicks for Stable Flame Smokeless and Purifying Air.
5.Environmental Friendliness Soothing Light Virtual path way to a healthy life style.

Usage:Birthday, wedding, religious activities, parties, bars, dinners, yoga & Meditation, votive candles, home decoration, holidays, back to school, graduation, earth day, new year, halloween, christmas, thanksgiving, ramadan
Best practices for a safer, longer burn
1.Place on an even surface away from drafts
2.Use a heat resistant candle holder or tray
3.Keep wick trimmed to 1/4″
4.For an even wax melt, burn for at least 2 hours when light for the first time
5.Keep out of reach from children and pets
6.To extinguis, use heat resistant tool to dip wick on wax and then re-straighten wick
7.Never leave candle burning unattended
Hebei Seawell starts international business of Candles since 2005. And we have our own Candle factory in Tianjin city.  Our Candle brand – Double Holiness is well-know in Candle market, which has sold over 14years. And our major clients are from Africa, Middle East and Asia, such as Angola, , Madagascar, Yemen, Pakistan. From the quality point of view, our Candles’ materials use different formula to make the Candle smooth and without tears. The foundation materials are 58-60 degrees Paraffin and Palm Wax(type 1825 and 7828). The advantage of “Double Holiness Candle” is burning longer, smokeless, non-toxic and keep colour no change long time. Furthermore, according to the market demand, our product can be made from 8 to 95 grams weight and 10 to 27 centimeters long. And the client are free to choose the Candles’ colour and shape, like Spiral Candle, Fluted Candle, Tealight Candle. We have professional and passion team, the staffs in our company have over ten years work experience, and the manager already doing the international trade more than 20 years, we still working on and on to make the client satisfy and develop the potential market.
Welcome to visit our office and factory, we believe you will satisfied us, thank you.

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