Wholesale 100% pure Natural Beeswax Honeycomb Hand-rolled Pillar Candle

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The hand rolled beeswax candle is made of pure besswax, the size, color, packaging are all can customzied.

  • Material: beeswax
  • Color: accept customzied
  • packaging: accept customzied
  • MOQ: 3000pcs/color
  • Size: accept customzied
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    The hand rolled beeswax candle is made of pure besswax, the size, color, packaging are all can customzied.

    Set of 6 taper Beeswax candles, taper candles’ diametre is 0.9″ and height is 8″, fits in standard candle holders. Buring time is about 5 hours.

    Natural Beeswax: These hand rolled candles are beautifully crafted of 100% natural beeswax and high quality cotton wick which does not contain lead or other metals, it can give you fresh unique natural aroma.

    Purify the Air: Beeswax will naturally purify the air when it burns. It releases negative ions and binds to toxins in the air. Candles have a positive effect on your asthma, immune system and nervous system!

    Lower Toxicity and Eco-Friendly: The beeswax candle does not produce toxic by-products and soot when burned. The beeswax taper candle is hypoallergenic, which is safe for children and asthmatics.

    Handcraft Product: Our candles are made exclusively by hand. It has a unique design and exquisite packaging. Very suitable for home decoration, holiday gifts, birthdays, dinners and parties.

    Our factory can supply many types candles, like taper candle, scented jar candle, beeswax candles,birthday candle, pillar candle,tealight candle,soy wax candle art shape candle and so on. Hope you will love our candles.

    Here is our clients feedback:

    These are gorgeous! The color is a rich, deep red but not too dark, and they are tightly rolled. They are a little wide so you need to consider that when purchasing because your candle holders need to have a wider opening. I have mine in a set of old cast iron candlabras of my great aunt’s and they are perfect in there. I recommend these candles. They are of high quality and were package beautifully so they are giftable. I will probably buy more in other colors.


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