Customized colored bubble cube candles

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Bubble cube candles

Size: 6x6x6cm/customized

Materials: paraffin wax / soy wax

Color: Customized color

Scents: Non-scented, Or customized scents.

Packing: 1pcs/bag, 8pcs/inner box. 64pcs/carton

  • Material: paraffin wax / soy wax
  • Size: 6x6x6cm/customized
  • Color: Customized color
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    A uniquely striking cube-bubble candle that is sure to light up any room. Our cubed candle, is a social media sensation- it is sure to be on the feed of your favorite blogger.
    Perfect choice for wedding/event favors, special gift, birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, house warming gifts or even a small treat to yourself.

    Made using 100% Natural Soy wax, making them vegan and eco-friendly. Safe to be around children and pets as long as they are burnt out of reach. Also burn these on a protective surface such as a plate or bowl for the wax to pool safely, keep away from drafts.


    Our unique soy wax candles complement a variety of decorative styles and have a timeless elegance. With every purchase of our bubble candle, you will also receive an affirmation about how wonderfully made YOU are~

    This candle is intended for aesthetic purchases, and therefore can be ordered with a wick or without one (based on your purpose for use)
    This candle may also come Non-scented OR scented.
    This candle is made to order.

    Some frosting may occur but this is only due to the nature of natural soy wax! It will not affect the quality of this product.

    DIRECTIONS: Never leave burning candles unattended. Do not position candles or fragrance products on or near TV cabinets, electrical items or heat sources. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. If you’d like to burn your cube candle, place the candle on a dish or a tray.


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